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The human body is astonishing….and we get to live in this thing! As amazing as the body is, sometimes it can breakdown. We inevitable sustain an injury or acquire a condition that puts up a road block to our active lifestyle. Let the pros at Back in Action help you figure it out. We look for the source of the problem, not just a band aide to temporarily appease the symptoms. We not only help ease the symptoms through tools like dry needle or manual therapy, but also teach you why the symptoms occur and give you tools to manage it yourself. We get it…you want to understand the problem, get back to your life ASAP, and perform at your best while not wasting time or money!

So, what do we offer at our Back in Action clinics in Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina? We’ve outlined that our general services below, but we also have specialities in sports PT, pelvic health for women and men, TMD, dizziness/vestibular, and concussion rehab

Our Services

SFMA (Selected Functional Movement Assessment): The overall goal of the SFMA is to identify specific movement limitations, and determine if these movements are due to tightness or weakness. READ MORE

Manual Therapy: Manual Therapy is the skillful, hands-on application of force to the body to improve mobility, to decrease pain, to improve strength and motor control and to reduce soft tissue inflammation. READ MORE

Dry Needling: Dry needling is a technique that uses a small, sterile, solid filament needle to treat trigger points. Trigger points are nodules in a taut band of muscle that cause pain and movement dysfunction.  READ MORE

Aquatic Therapy: Aquatic physical therapy is physical therapy that is provided in a pool setting.  You may also hear aquatic physical therapy called aquatic PT, pool therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, or water therapy.  READ MORE

Postural Restoration: Postural Restoration is based on the foundation that the human body is not symmetrical. A few instances of our body’s asymmetry include having three lobes of lunges on our right side and only two on the left and a liver on the right that balances the heart on the left. READ MORE

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