Pelvic Health
Do you have that bloated, achy, and weak feeling in your core since delivery of your baby? Do you feel like you have a “pooch” and still get asked when you are due at several months or years post-partum? Some may have heard the phrase “mommy tummy”, whereas others may have heard its more medical...
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Have you ever reached out wide for a backhand or jumped to crush an overhead down the line, and thought oops… I just tinkled a little? While this is very common, it is not normal. This may embarrass some, but really the pelvic floor is just a group of muscles that get tight or weak...
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Apex Physical Therapy Practice
Triangle Physical Therapy Practice Opens Apex Location New Location for Back in Action Physical Therapy Features 2,400 ft2 Space, Cutting Edge Amenities APEX, NC (June 25,2019) — After almost 20 years providing physical therapy services to the Triangle, Back in Action Physical Therapy is opening a brand new clinic in Apex. The 2,400 ft2 facility...
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