Sports Physio

Back in Action specializes in athletes and activ-letes (our affectionate term for active people of all ages not involved in formal sport.)

So if you’re an active person – formally or otherwise – why choose us?

  • Most of us were (or still are) athletes. We understand how injuries get in the way of your passion. Likewise, we also understand the temptation to “play through the pain,” and how damaging that can be for you long-term. If an injury has you temporarily on the sidelines, don’t fret: we’ll get those endorphins kicking another way.
  • We address the root of the problem. Your pain may not tell the whole story. For instance, your knee pain could be due to an ankle or hip injury. Pain is rarely as simple as it seems, and our one-on-one structure means that you’ll get full attention for solving the mystery.
  • We don’t train around the pain. At Back in Action, you won’t just pop some painkillers and ignore the pain. We teach you to distinguish between muscle pain – which symbolizes hard work – and joint or tendon pain, which can mean something is wrong.
  • We think long-term. Our goal is to have you performing at 100% or better when you leave us – not adequately, not “good enough,” but 100%. That’s why we offer “staying fit” services including mobility sessions, dry needling, sports massage, and yoga for athletes. Our strength coaches can also help.