So, you’re beginning physical therapy! What can you expect?

First, be sure you complete all required paperwork before your first appointment. Our PT appointments are one-on-one, one hour sessions between a therapist and a patient. In general, we see you twice per week, tapering down as function improves.

Please wear gym clothes and athletic shoes (open-toed shoes are not allowed in the gym) to your appointment as we utilize the full facilities available to us here at the fitness center. Aquatic therapy patients will be required to wear swimsuits or shorts and T-shirt. Pool shoes are optional.

On average, patients are seen for 6-8 visits with the exceptions of surgery or a particularly severe injury.


We accept most insurance plans and take great care to notify you of what your payment responsibilities will be prior to your first appointment. Please call us with your health insurance information prior to your first scheduled appointment and our team will call your insurance company to verify your coverage. If you do not have health insurance, we do offer a cash plan as well.

For additional information about expectations, treatment, and payment, please see our FAQ.

New Patients

Welcome! The following new patient forms are available for download. Please fill out then print them and bring the completed forms with you to your appointment. If you have any questions, contact us.