Jump to Perform

If you play soccer, basketball, or volleyball, you’re going to jump a lot. Vertical mobility is essential to the game. Your form is critical, and poor form can cause one of any athlete’s most dreaded injuries: a torn ACL.

Jump training enhances performance while dramatically decreasing your ACL tear risk. This devastating injury can jeopardize your recruiting potential; just ask our very own Laura Wilson. In the midst of recruiting efforts by a top ACC Division I team, she tore her ACL. She was still able to play for UNC Wilmington, but in retrospect wishes she had the proper knowledge and prevention techniques. It’s easy to see why: approximately 80% of ACL tears can be prevented!

Do you look like this when you jump? Let our pros analyze and correct your form.

The first session will include performance testing and jump technique video analysis. The Jump to Perform program will be 2 days of group training per week for 6 weeks. 

The statistics:

  • Female athletes have 2-6 times ACL tear risk than male counterparts
  • 30,000 female high school and college athletes injure their knees every year.
  • In the past 15 years, knee ligament injuries have increased by 172%.
  • Jump training and specific warm up routine can significantly decrease ACL tear risk (75-88% reduction of injuries).
  • No matter the sport, speed and power are critical to success. Jump training improves performance across the board:
    • Vertical jump (power) – doubled power can triple your score
    • 40 yd dash (speed) – cut your time by .2 sec
    • 20 yd shuttle (cutting) – cut your time by .2 sec
    • One leg long jump (Power) – double your distance

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