Free Pre-op Visit

Are you nervous about your impending surgeryPre-hab is a great way to get your questions answered about what happens after surgery. You may have questions about how you will sleep after surgery, how long will it be before you can get back to work, or what will PT be like after surgery… will it be painful? Come in for a FREE Pre-hab visit to get your questions answered. In fact, we will not only answer your questions, we will also give you a pre-hab program. The better you are going into surgery, the better you are going to be coming out of surgery. For instance, if your knee is stiff and you can’t bend it or straighten it fully, we can show you how to improve those motions. If you are having a lower extremity surgery, then you need to get your upper body stronger, because for a period of time you’re going to need some upper body strength to use a walker/cane, move around in bed, and push up from chairs.  

After surgery you’re going to be sore and tired and sometimes movements can be hard to grasp under these circumstances. If you learn and practice before surgery, you’ll know how to do it and what the exercises are supposed to feel like. It will make the recovery less daunting and easier to do without wondering “am I even doing this right?” On top of that, practicing using a walker and cane before surgery is helpful as well. It is definitely worth setting up a pre-surgery physical therapy appointment to learn these skills. 

Don’t save the rehab and exercises for after surgery, start now with pre-hab! Our physical therapists can help show you what things you need to start working on. 

Free Pre-op Visit


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