Pregnancy and Exercise

Thanks to Carissa Reed, PT who came by the clinic during our lunch hour to discuss “The Role of Physical Therapists in Helping to Prevent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension during Pregnancy Through Exercise”. Carissa is currently a UNC-CH DPT student and she is spending her time researching for her doctoral project to determine if...
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Wrist/Hand Injuries

We have recently begun asking our followers on Facebook and the members of ClubWorx to ask us questions they have about physical therapy.  This was the most recent posed question. Do you have Occupational Therapy for any hand/wrist injuries? Occupational Therapy is a different degree and licensure than Physical Therapy.   While Physical Therapy and Occupational...
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Lunch and Learn

Did you know the therapists at Back In Action regularly spend their lunch hours studying and learning new techniques to become better clinicians?  We discuss current patient cases and new methods to optimally benefit you, the patient. Once a month, we take an extra hour to review research, practice manual therapy techniques, and specifically review...
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Hello, and welcome to our site!

Thanks for stopping by the new site for Back In Action! Stop by this latest news section frequently to see information like what’s going on at the clinic, vacations we took, or what teams we’re rooting for. As you can see, we like to have fun together! Stop by and check us out sometime! Kristal,...
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When You’re Hurt

Let’s face it.  Anybody that moves has the potential to be injured.  Injuries happen… accidents occur.  The goal is to recover as fast as possible, and get back to moving and playing! Injuries can be easily put into two categories: Acute:  occurs as a result of an incident, such as rolling your ankle while making...
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