Back in Action Founder Featured on ABC11

Back in Action Physical Therapy co-founder, owner and physical therapist Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, DPT, SCS, was featured in a recent news story from ABC11 on how physical therapy comes into play for survivors of COVID-19. Click the play button below to watch the video.
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Work From Home Ergonomics

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way the world is working and learning. Working from home comes with its challenges, both mentally and physically. Spending hours each day at a work station that doesn’t promote good posture and body mechanics can leave you with back and neck pain, eye strain, and can limit your productivity....
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5 Facts About Low Back Pain

Have you ever had low back pain?  You are not alone.  Not only is low back pain common, but it is the leading cause of disability worldwide, can be very costly to treat and can lead to unneeded and ineffective care.[1] It causes missed time at work and limited ability to perform daily routines and...
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Reduce Skiing Injuries

Get prepared for your ski trip with these simple preconditioning exercises to perform to help reduce skiing injuries while hitting the slopes. Before heading to the slopes to partake in winter sports such as skiing you need to prepare your body! The ski season brings fun in the snow, but with that comes common injuries. ...
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A Christmas Eve Surprise Inspires New Goals for 2020

Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, SCS Physio Coach Sports Clinical Specialist I had a surprise opportunity to watch a couple of local young ATP players on the Challenger/Futures tour as I was playing with a regular group of guys at Middle Creek HS on Christmas Eve. It was quite distracting and my doubles partner had likely...
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Is it Safe to Exercise with Arthritis?

How many times have you heard “oh I stopped exercising or being active because of my arthritis”! Very often, patients we speak with make the assumption that it is best to stop being active once they have arthritis in their hip, knee, shoulder or any joint. This line of thinking is based on the belief...
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Tennis Player in athletic position

What is your physical literacy IQ?

Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, DPT, SCS As we head into the tennis “off-season” perhaps it’s time to improve our movement literacy to recover from our sport that drives us from February through October. Yes, there are winter leagues, but hopefully it is a time for no pressure tennis and gives us a chance to recover,...
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Common, But Not Normal | Let’s Talk Pelvic Health

Have you ever reached out wide for a backhand or jumped to crush an overhead down the line, and thought oops… I just tinkled a little? While this is very common, it is not normal. This may embarrass some, but really the pelvic floor is just a group of muscles that get tight or weak...
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Apex Physical Therapy Practice

Triangle Physical Therapy Practice Opens Apex Location

Triangle Physical Therapy Practice Opens Apex Location New Location for Back in Action Physical Therapy Features 2,400 ft2 Space, Cutting Edge Amenities APEX, NC (June 25,2019) — After almost 20 years providing physical therapy services to the Triangle, Back in Action Physical Therapy is opening a brand new clinic in Apex. The 2,400 ft2 facility...
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