The BIA Difference

In everything we do, we believe that you deserve a PT that “gets you” and will be invested in your goals. You have our undivided attention. We have advanced training in the most cutting edge, evidenced based techniques. We are the human movement experts.

  • One-on-one care only by a doctor of physical therapy every visit. No double booking, no support staff used for treatment! You have your PT’s undivided attention at our clinic.
  • Excellence in care: Evidence based care is a top priority. Check out our staff to learn more about our specialties and education.
  • Radical customer service: You will notice a difference. We will always treat you with respect even when we have to hold you accountable. Bottom line: we care about you and it shows.

If you have been experiencing aches or pain and it is beginning to impact your daily activities, try physical therapy first! We are the first line medical provider in musculoskeletal pain and in most cases you will not need a doctor’s referral.


If you have been referred to physical therapy following surgery, Back in Action will help you get back on your feet and moving as quickly as possible. All of our therapist specialize in manual techniques to get that motion back and restore your strength and balance to full function again. Check out our Surgery page (link)

Sports Physio

If you are an athlete, we go beyond typical orthopedic physical therapy and bridge the gap between general function and return to sport. Our goal is to see you not only restore your previous performance but to improve it. Check out our sports page.

Aquatic PT

Aquatic PT is an excellent tool for our therapists to get patients walking, running and jumping before they are allowed to on land. Patients that have undergone hip or knee replacements can exercise in the pool free of a walker or cane. Severe back pain patients are able to exercise in the pool when land is not tolerated. The goal of aquatic therapy is always to get you back on land as soon as possible.
Check out our aquatic PT page.

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