Kristal Nelson
Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, Sports Physio We are all looking forward to getting back on the court. Ideally you have all taking this opportunity to improve your mobility, strength, and agility so when you head out on court you are prepared for the demands of tennis. There are probably a few of you who have...
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Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, SCS Physio Coach Sports Clinical Specialist I had a surprise opportunity to watch a couple of local young ATP players on the Challenger/Futures tour as I was playing with a regular group of guys at Middle Creek HS on Christmas Eve. It was quite distracting and my doubles partner had likely...
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Tennis Player in athletic position
Dr. Kristal Nelson PT, DPT, SCS As we head into the tennis “off-season” perhaps it’s time to improve our movement literacy to recover from our sport that drives us from February through October. Yes, there are winter leagues, but hopefully it is a time for no pressure tennis and gives us a chance to recover,...
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