Back in Action Physical Therapy is a trailblazing physical therapy practice with three locations in the North Carolina Triangle. Our team of world-class physical therapists all meet one-on-one with our patients – no aides required – for a truly personalized experience. Our one patient per hour schedule means this personalization still runs efficiently.

Our treatment model along with our experienced staff make us uniquely qualified to treat athletes of all ages, as well as surgical rehabilitation. We have close relationships with many area orthopedic surgeons and enjoy working with them to ensure the best possible outcome.

Let us help you fine tune your body so you find success – even when other treatments have failed. If you have the drive, we have the expertise.


What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy – equal parts science and athletics – is the practice of remediating movement, mobility, and bodily function. Physical therapy (or PT) is frequently used by athletes to maintain their performance, particularly after an injury, and is also applicable to many post-surgery recovery regimens.

In practice, physical therapy runs the gamut from athletic training to massage to assessment. Our services are highly tailored to individual patients, and typically constructed in consultation with a physician. Your treatment will likely consist of a combination of everything!

Active physical therapy – that is, where you will get up and move – typically consists of manual therapy or exercise. Manual therapy, such as the SFMA <>, is highly targeted movement that aims to discover and/or address specific mobility issues. Carefully paced exercise, such as running or stretching, is often integrated into our treatment to ramp patients back up for action.

What makes Back in Action better?

We are unique among many PT practices in that we do not require any physical therapy aides. This ensures that you have a constant, direct line of communication to the person managing your treatment: a dedicated physical therapist. There is no mystery about who directs your treatment, who you ask questions, or who your partner is. This also allows us to develop much deeper relationships with our patients, especially repeat visitors like athletes!

We were also one of the first PT practices in the Triangle that treats one patient per hour. For you, this means guaranteed efficiency and flexible scheduling for your appointments.

What if I need a tune up?

If you have an active or semi-active lifestyle, sometimes you just hurt. It comes with the territory. That said, when untreated, this pain can grow and become discouraging.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fall down the slippery slope to an inactive lifestyle. The BIA “tune up” is routine maintenance for your active body, bringing the best of physical therapy to those without a significant injury or patients in post-surgical recovery.

A BIA tune up works like traditional physical therapy: we bring you in, ask about your pain and current activities, and perform an assessment to identify problem areas. We then develop treatment that targets those areas, so you can keep enjoying your lifestyle!