PT Thoughts: Greg Hogan

In this month’s edition of PT Thoughts we are going to learn a bit more about our Lead PT in our Fuquay-Varina clinicGreg Hogan, PT, MPT, CIMT.

Greg is originally from Detroit, Michigan and has been a practicing physical therapist since 2004.  While visiting friends in Raleigh, in the winter 2007, he was told to “bring his golf clubs”.  After realizing the absurdity of playing golf in the winter, he moved to Fuquay a few months later and hasn’t left since. While Greg still likes to play golf, he is also busy with woodworking, wellness and fitness and loves sports.

Greg is a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist with specific interests in treating the shoulder and dry needling. He has a comprehensive approach to treating dysfunction “beyond the pain” and understanding that most problems are being driven by another area.  His passion for manual therapy and exercise to restore motion, strength and mobility will result in highly effective care for those wishing to reduce pain and get back to enjoying life again.  He continues to expand his knowledge in manual therapy through clinical instruction teaching and continuing education.

Greg’s Patented Educational Lesson

I’m sure my colleagues are sick of hearing my favorite analogy but it works.  We often tell people that the problem isn’t always where it hurts.  Let’s say two people need to handle a 100% workload.  What happens when one does 75% and one does 25%?  The one doing more is stressed out and goes home unhappy and complains that it’s overworked.  That represents the pain you have, but is that the problem?  No, the problem is the 25% that is underworking!  Get that component doing it’s share and then you’ll have two balanced equal parts doing 50% which is ideal.  If I just say, okay rest it, take a vacation from that 75% workload then guess what?  The pain will still be waiting for you when you get back! That’s why it’s important to look beyond the pain for the solution. 

What Keeps Greg Busy

I love sports and almost everything is competitive with me.  From recreational yard games with friends to coaching youth sports or just spectating on TV.  But, I also find the peace and solitude of one of my personal favorites which is woodworking.  It began as making furniture to fill an empty house and has turned into a hobby which I’m regularly busy with every weekend. 2020 was a challenging year but opened up a lot of opportunities for the time to rediscover new passions and projects!  Finally, family, which gives me my most joy.  My wife and two beautiful daughters keep me in check.  For as much as I love my hobbies, I gladly give it up to spend time with them.  I’m blessed to have kids I’ve coached in sports and share my competitiveness and a wife that supports us.  I get outnumbered in the house so the newest addition in 2021 is our new dog “Joe” that has enriched our lives and given us brand new memories to share.

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