PT Thoughts: Mary Brian Yoffee

In this month’s edition of PT Thoughts we are going to learn a bit more about one of our pelvic health experts – and new mother! – Mary Brian Yoffe, PT.

Mary Brian grew up in Wilmington near Wrightsville Beach and spent every free day at the beach or on the boat. On February 3, she and her husband Sam welcomed a baby boy, Thomas Dune Yoffe, and they couldn’t be more in love!

What is your favorite thing to treat and why?

My favorite two things (I couldn’t pick just one!) to treat are urinary incontinence and pain with intercourse.  Being such sensitive topics, and having a huge impact on daily lives, as well as relationships, I love to be able to connect with people on such a personal level.  I also find that people with such sensitive issues have a dedication to their physical therapy program like no other since they are willing to do whatever is necessary to resolve them – it is truly inspiring.

Do you have any favorite patient stories?

There are too many stories to count, however my favorites all have one theme in common: the patient has seen multiple physical therapy providers over the years and found no relief until they came to me.  With my increased focus and training on the pelvis and pelvic floor, which is commonly the missing factor that many orthopedic physical therapists have glanced over, I have been able to help numerous patients finally be out of chronic pain. It truly warms my heart to hear how much of an impact I have had on their lives.

Was there an experience that led you to become a PT?

My first job out of college was manufacturing custom orthotics and prosthetic up in Northern Virginia.  I had no experience in the field but was given an opportunity to try it out and after a few months I was given the opportunity to sit in on a few fittings and quickly realized I really enjoyed working with the patients and watching their progress with their new orthotic or prosthetic.  From there, my bosses helped me get a job as a physical therapy tech to see if that’s what I was interested in and the rest was history!

How do you stay active?

I grew up with two older brother’s so I pretty much tried to do everything that they did (lacrosse, surfing, football, etc.) since we have a very competitive sports family!  My main passion was soccer and I played from the age of 2 all the way up through college on the Duke club soccer team, so I am hoping my son will want to enjoy that with me as well. I also love a good round of golf or tennis!

What do you enjoy outside of the clinic?

My favorite sports to watch are college basketball (Go Duke!), college football (Go Gators!), and ice hockey (Go Canes!) and we can’t wait to take baby Thomas to his first games!

I also love to do anything outside and with my animals!  I love to spend hours on end at the barn with my horse, or a day at the beach relaxing with my dog and family!

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