PT Thoughts: Tyler Eubanks

Tyler was born and raised in Cary, NC and has spent most of his life in the Triangle area. He was introduced to the field of physical therapy as a child due to numerous injuries sustained while playing sports.

Tyler is board certified in orthopedic physical therapy, manual therapy certified through the Manual Therapy Institute, and he is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has a strong passion for physical therapy and human optimization including movement, nutrition, breathing, and stress coping strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, fishing, and any beach activity, but most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife and their golden retriever Zillie.

Why I Love Physical Therapy

I really enjoy seeing the entire body as a connected unit. It is easy to diagnose a specific injured area, but it can be more difficult to figure out the “why” behind why the injury occurred. An ankle injury could actually be caused by a dysfunction in the neck region! Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together leads to better outcomes with physical therapy.

I also love watching patients exceed their own expectations. Do not get me wrong, I love working with athletes. But nothing makes me happier than seeing a patient who has suffered a stroke, deadlifting more weight in the gym than they could have dreamed of lifting, even before the stroke. Physical therapy is not just about rehabbing an injury. Rather, it is about optimizing a person’s lifestyle so they can live life to the fullest at any age.

What My Dog Taught Me During COVID-19

Since we have been spending more time at home lately, I have spent time observing our golden retriever, Zillie. I’ve learned through 2020 that I want to live life more like my dog! She jumps at any opportunity to go outside and run laps around the yard. No stretching, no hesitation. When the door opens and she hears “lets go,” – that dog is sprinting. She loves being in the sun and is always beaming with excitement when she is around people. When she’s tired, she rests/sleeps/recovers. If that is not a recipe to a happy, fulfilled life, then I do not know what is. Get outside, be ready to move around, be good to people, and recover when the time comes. That is the good life.

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