COVID 19 Mitigation Measures at Back in Action Physical Therapy

Updated for Phase II – May 2020

As NC enters Phase II of reopening, Back in Action is continuing its measures to keep people safe while they receive top-notch rehabilitation. Along with our regular meticulous cleaning of clinic surfaces with virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant, hand-washing and hand sanitizing between patients, patients are required to use hand sanitizer. We screen each person as they arrive including temperature checks. When the weather allows, we will open up doors to the outside to improve airflow and circulation.

Historically, we have a 1:1 treatment model, meaning that there is one therapist and one patient with no additional support staff. This already meets the highest standard, minimizing the number of people in the clinic at one time. We have also adjusted our operating hours to spread appointments out during the week.

NEW: At this time, we ask you to remain in your car until the time of your appointment. We are not allowing friends and family to attend PT with you. If you have a driver, they should remain outside or in the car. We know this is an inconvenience but it can be an important measure in limiting unnecessary exposure (exceptions include minors/guardians or caregivers who may require instruction for assisting at home). 
NEW: Masks are required for all staff and patients while inside the clinic. 


March 2020

Back in Action Physical Therapy is deeply committed to the people we serve. Your health and safety has always been our top priority, and now more than ever. We are committed to taking all steps possible to provide a clean and safe environment for our patients in the current environment.

While we always pride ourselves in having a clean and sanitary clinic, we have increased the frequency of our cleaning procedures to clinic, equipment and ourselves. While our sanitation standards for our staff has always been very high, we are also requiring our patients to sanitize their hands before and after their sessions.  Below are mitigation measures that are being taken in the clinic

  • Meticulous cleaning of clinic surfaces with virucidal and bactericidal surface disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner including-
    • Countertops
    • Door handles
    • Tables
    • Equipment
  • Frequent hand sanitizing with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer
    • This is done by therapist and our administration staff
    • This is to be performed by patients as well
  • Use of gloves as needed to reduce spread of germs

We plan on remaining open and operating with these important implemented changes and will continue to follow measures that reduce the spreading of germs.

We are also creating a plan to be able to provide therapy services in your home.  We will release more information when it becomes available.

As this is a rapidly changing situation, we will continue to keep you informed and adapt to the situation. Thank you for your patronage to Back in Action Physical Therapy


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