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Why do we treat our cars better than our bodies?

[one_second]We were recently inspired by a post on our Facebook page. 

Back in Action is driven by successes like these, it is why we do what we do. Active adults that have a “little pain” that prevents them from living life leads to discontent and perhaps down the slippery slope of a less active lifestyle. I have often heard people say things like…”my elbow hurts and I have tried everything but it is not getting better. Maybe I should stop playing so much.” When I respond “have you tried physical therapy,” they look at me puzzled and say, “Oh its not that bad.” 😳 PT’s need to do a better job letting you know we are not just for severely injured or post surgical people. In fact Back in Action specializes in keeping active youth and adults moving well so they can move often.

So we have invented the TUNE UP. Let’s consider this… we take our car in for regular maintenance like a tire rotation, oil change, or tune up. We do not wait for our engine to blow up before showing it some love. So what is a TUNE UP? One of our licensed PT’s will ask you about your activities, goals, training patterns, and current “aches and pains.” Then your PT will put you through a movement assessment to determine your mobility issues that could be a problem.

Back to the car analogy, if your car is constantly pulling to the right when you drive, your tires are going to wear down much quicker. Similarly if you like to run and your right hip is stiff and your gluts (butt muscle) does not like to work, your knee starts yelping. You think it is your shoes so you go get a new pair. That does not work just like changing your tires will not fix the your car…the problem is with the hip. So then you think well… maybe I am just not suppose to be running… I will just walk. Down the slippery slope you go. 😳

So thanks to this client for the post and inspiring us to keep doing what we love. We want to hear from more clients so you can inspire others. Tell us your story or send a picture of what you are doing now.

During October in celebration of National PT month, we will pick the best posts or tweets and randomly draw one person that will win TWO FREE ONE HOUR TUNE UP SESSIONS so we can celebrate with you!


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