Spring is here!  After a long cold winter the flowers are blooming, kids are excited about getting out of school already, and it is time to get back outside.

It is during this time of the year that many people return to activities they have not participated in for a while.  Keep in mind that your body responds to the stress that you place through it.  As you increase activity levels your bones get harder while your muscles, tendons and ligaments get stronger.  Of course Michael Jordan didn’t become such a great dunker over night.  Months and Years of jumping over and over made his body strong enough to endure those high flying leaps.

With this in mind we must all remember the principle of progressive return to activity.  Any time you have period of time off from an activity you want to slowly increase the time and intensity with which you return.  Let us give you a few general examples.

Don’t wait too long to get back in the yard.  It is not wise to make your first yard work day to include 5 hours of weed pulling and cutting 3 inch thick grass.  Starting with a short stent of yard work would be best and probably will be more fun as well.

With this kind of weather it is prime time for GOLF.  Before you head out to the links for 18 swing by the driving range and hit a few balls so you can get used to twisting and turning again.  Plus, it will help you avoid those first few double bogeys.

Spring Cleaning.  (If you participate in this tradition) It is probably best not to clean the whole house in one day.  Try to do one or two rooms at a time and use team work.  Work that is hard for one is easier for two.

Of course we have to mention exercise.  Dusting off the running shoes and the bike pedals should remind you that it has been awhile since your body has felt this kind of stress.  Just because you finished last fall running an easy 5 miles doesn’t mean this is where you should start.

Just remember to progressively increase the load your body takes to avoid possible injury.  Of course you should always consult with a health care professional about your readiness for exercise if you have any questions.

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