Yoga for Athletes

Yoga can be a great tool to improve your mobility and flexibility but also your mental toughness. Many times, our thoughts can be a distraction hurting our performance on the field or in daily life. Learning how to put those distractions out of your mind can make the difference but it takes practice. For athletes, we recommend taking a class once a week to address the mental part of your game and support your physical training. For everyone else, enjoy as many as you like.

Tuesday 6:30pm: This gentle yoga class is perfect for beginner’s to advanced. We focus on breath control, relaxation, long stretches and slow flows to get deep into your muscles and release tension throughout the body. This class will promote sleep, help reduce anxiety, increase flexibility and strength.

Wednesday 5:30am: This class is perfect for athlete’s, as well as those trying to increase flexibility, mobility and strength. We will focus on long holds getting deep into the muscle tissue, joints, ligaments and even fascia of the body, we will sharpen your mental awareness and sharpness by connecting with the breath, build strength throughout the body and a main focus on injury prevention.

Thursday 12:15pm (45 minutes): This Power Yoga class is friendly for beginners to advanced yogi’s, we will get your heart pumping, your body sweating, and your muscles working! We will move through carefully planned and structured yoga flows that focus on burning fat, building muscle, core strength, breath control and increased flexibility. This is a fun class, with fun music and upbeat energy!