The Lab @ BIA

Move. Perform. Recover.

Back in Action wants to keep you in the game whether on the field or in life. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have the same support that professional athletes get in the training room? Do you get sore, stiff, or just plain tired? Do you wish you could get stronger in the way that would help you run faster, hit harder, play harder? From youth to adult to master athlete, we could all use a little help with recovery, mobility, or power.

Can you imagine how helpful it would be to have a movement expert video you and figure out why you have a hitch in your giddy up? What about taking a truly instructional class on how to properly perform squat, push press, power clean, deadlift so you get the most out of your effort and avoid injury?  Come get treated like the pro’s… by the pro’s at BIA! You can get services a la carte, buy a package, or buy a multi-pro package (ex. combine dry needle, sports massage, and strength coaching).

Step inside of our sports science lab!

**If you are hurt now, check out our “Sports PT” page to get more details about our sports med rehab. This page is dedicated to those people trying to stay out of rehab or those wanting to perform better.