Personal Training/Strength Coaching

6 week instructional class = $120 per class (one class per week)

This class is offered several times per year for those who want to take the time to learn the proper lift technique for squat, deadlift, clean, press, jerk, snatch (optional). We will focus on one lift per week and you will be given homework to reinforce learning. This class is great for:

  • high school athletes to supplement school or team weight training
  • beginning crossfit athletes
  • men or women of any age wanting to improve technique for daily workouts and be able to scale any workouts
  • adult/youth athletes of all types as these are the basic foundation movement patterns for all athletic movement.
  • those who struggle with recurrent pain as a result of workouts

30 & 60 min. = $45 & $75 per session  

What’s your goal – tone up, get fit & feel better?! We have the knowledge, tools & commitment to get you there through effective evaluation, trusted training & supportive coaching.

$45 + $75

You need functional strength & explosive power. We have the answer: intelligent, progressive programming & individual training that will get you moving well, training hard & achieving your potential!

30 + 60 min. = $45 & $75 per session

Regardless of your sport or when your season is, you need to be ready to compete! Athletes will:

  • learn how to move, train & take care of their bodies
  • improve their capacity for strength, speed, conditioning
  • perform sport-specific movements at their highest level

30 & 60 min. = $15/person & $25/person

Whether it’s training with friends or teammates, you will have fun working hard in these tight-knit, motivating groups. All participants will receive individual attention and modifications when necessary. Classes may vary in size and frequency but will always be effective, efficient & dynamic!

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