Jump to Perform

Jump training is the perfect way to enhance performance while dramatically decreasing your ACL tear risk. As an aspiring collegiate soccer, basketball, or volleyball player, you do not want to sustain this devastating injury that could jeopardize your recruiting potential just ask our very own Laura Wilson. She was being recruited by a top ACC division I team when tragedy struck, she tore her ACL. The story has a good ending as she played for UNC-Wilmington and was happy with the outcome. She wished that we knew then what we know now about ACL tear prevention…That 80% of ACL tears can be prevented. Do you look like this when you jump?

Let’s the pros at BIA take a look.

Jump training program includes:

The first session will include performance testing and jump technique video analysis. The jump 2 perform program will be 2 days per week of group training for 6 weeks. Our next class is starting June 19th.

  • 8-10 participants $180

The statistics:

  • female athletes have 2-6 times ACL tear risk than male counterparts, 30,000 female highschool and college athletes injury their knees every year.
  • In the past 15 years, knee ligament injuries have increased by 172%.
  • Jump training and specific warm up routine can significantly decrease ACL tear risk (75-88% reduction of injuries).
  • No matter the sport, speed and power are critical to success. Jump training improves performance (some examples of improvements). *
    • Vertical jump (power) – double to triple your score
    • 40 yd dask (speed) – cut your time by .2 sec
    • 20 yd shuttle (cutting) – cut your time by .2 sec
    • One leg long jump (Power) – double your distance

*success is determined by compliance to program and effort given during training.