Golf Fitness and Performance Assessments

Historically, golf and fitness were never used in the same sentence. As the game has evolved and fitness science has come to the forefront of athletics, professional and amateur golfers alike have begun using state-of-the-art performance training to keep their bodies performing at their peak.  With this new push for fitness in golf, younger golfers are outperforming their predecessors, while more mature golfers are extending their golfing careers.

The goals of a golf fitness professional are to keep their clients injury free and performing at the highest possible level.  Back In Action’s TPI Certified Medical Professionals understand how the body moves during the golf swing and how an individual’s physical limitations may influence or change that swing. If your coach has told you that you “go over the top”, “extend early”, or “sway or slide”, our TPI Certified Medical Professionals can identify the limitations leading to these unwanted movements and address them properly so you can swing more efficiently and powerfully, and stay on the course longer!

The Titleist Professional Institute (TPI) is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of golf swing mechanics. Using TPI’s assessment screen, Back In Action’s TPI Certified Medical Professionals will compare your screen results to your golf swing characteristics and establish a plan of action that addresses your limitations.  Following this plan of action and addressing your limitations will help you and your golf pro or swing coach get the best out of your game!

Every new golf client will be taken through a comprehensive TPI Golf Fitness Assessment.  The results of the assessment will pinpoint where and why your body may be causing your specific swing characteristics, which can negatively affect your game.

With that information, a program will be designed individually for you, one that will allow you to swing the club more efficiently.   Not only do we have you performing specific activities to improve your game, but being an experienced physical therapist, I have advanced manual skills which help with increasing your mobility.

Do you ever hear your golf professional or coach tell you that you are coming over the top, or not making a good turn, or not in the slot? And even with all the hours on the course and on the range, you just cannot seem to improve? Well it may be due to limitations in your mobility and or stability.  With the TPI screen, we will identify these physical limitations that cause the over the top, not making a good turn, etc.  These physical limitations can also be a contributor to lack of power, and working on your limitations will improve your distance!

Golf Fitness Package-  $300

  • Individualized Golf Fitness Assessment
  • Training workout program
  • 2 more private Golf Fitness training sessions

Golf Fitness Assessment- $125

  • Individual golf fitness assessment which includes16 area screen to identify limitations and review of findings
  • Individual training program to improve your body limitations which can be performed on course and at home.

Golf Professionals

Do your students lack the ability to stay in their golf posture, lack ability to isolate rotation in their trunk or hips? Even with all the great coaching they still lack ability to do what you are asking?  Perhaps they are sliding, swaying, coming over the top, early extending or they have a reverse spine angle that has been negatively affecting their game.  These issues, even with your coaching and use of video and drills, continue to hamper them.  This is where we would love to help.  TPI has studied these swing characteristics and flaws and has identified weakness, instability, stiffness and lack of mobility as contributors to swing flaws.  We would love to have a team concept with you to help improve your golfers game by addressing their physical limitations.  In this situation, you as the golf professional are in control, telling us what in their game needs to be addressed.  We as the TPI Certified medical professional will find the physical deficiencies that affect their swing and improve upon them.

There is pressure to lower your client scores, let us help in determining what physical limitations are contributors to the restrictions in their game.   All findings that are made will be communicated back to the golf professional, with a plan of how we will address the physical limitations so you can address the swing flaws better.