Attention Athletes

Back in Action specializes in athletes and activ-letes (non-competitive but active people of all ages).

So… what makes us great?

  • At BIA, we were athletes …. many of us still are, so we have a passion for getting you back to your sporting activity. We personally know what it means to have an injury that is holding us back from our best. We also understand that sometimes we force ourselves to play through pain because we love it so much. We do our best to let you continue to participate as much as possible…however if you have had surgery on your knee you can’t possibly play soccer so sometimes we do have to keep you on the sidelines until your body is ready to handle the load. We will try to keep you busy and get those endorphins kicking some other way.
  • We look for the source of the problem. We do not compartmentalize your body, you are not defined by your symptom (knee patient). You may have pain at the knee but it could be your hip or ankle that is the troublemaker. Your shoulder pain could be because you do not activate your opposite glut well enough or you do not have enough ankle mobility. It is not so simple…that is why we have an all PT staff that treats one person at a time so we have an opportunity to discover what is going on…which can’t be done when your clinician is forced to see multiple people at the same time.
  • We don’t believe in just popping Ibuprofen and/or training around the pain. This will create havoc on your movement patterns and create further potential for greater injury. Muscle soreness is different from joint pain or tendon pain. Muscle soreness is evidence of hard work…we like that. But if your pain is progressive or in the joint…let us take a crack at it.
  • We believe in recovery and tune-ups to support you with re-entry into sport/fitness classes. We have committed to offering services that can keep you healthy once you are ready to leave rehab. We know how frustrating it can be to get back and feel great only to have something else pop up as you get back to it 100%. It is common for a new symptom to pop up or the old one to act back up as you increase the demand. We offer “Staying Fit Services” including mobility sessions, dry needle, yoga for athletes, and sports massage. We also have strength coaches that can help with post rehab program planning and training sessions.