Physical Therapy FAQ

1Do you have any suggestion for people seeking a physical therapist?
Make sure the facility is well equipped and that the clinicians are well educated. Patients should also understand that a hands-on-protocol is important to return to full function. A good physical therapy patient is one who communicates exactly what he or she is feeling when they’re going through exercises and through hands-on mobilization. A patient should want to invest and understand how to get better efficiently, without harming themselves.
2What are some typical questions your hear from potential patients?
Many patients we get don’t understand that the point of physical therapy is to get you back to where you were before injury. For example, a patient may come in saying, “I’m not in pain all the time now; I don’t need physical therapy.” That doesn’t mean the therapy is over if prior to injury, that person was running three miles a day. Our goal is to get the patient running three miles a day again, to 100% functionality, whatever that functioning was. In fact, we don’t release patients until they are back to their pre-injury functionality.
3What are some trends you've seen in the physical therapy arena?
There’s a fundamental lack of understanding in many physical therapy clinics of the biomechanics of the body and how they work in interaction with the musculoskeletal system. Too many physical therapists do not understand how to use body mechanics and exercise to progress the patient. Often there’s a lack of hands-on experience and understanding of the true ways the body moves. At Back in Action Physical Therapy, we train our staff to put all disciplines taught in school together into one holistic approach.

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